❤️Queen of Hearts Drawing❤️

Date(s) - 07/03
7:45 pm - 8:00 pm

Are you feeling Lucky? Crooked Handle Piqua is starting a ❤️Queen of Hearts❤️ drawing on Wednesdays! Tickets can be purchased at any time throughout the week but must be delivered to the bar no later than 7:45 p.m. on Wednesday to be eligible for that week’s drawing at 8:00 p.m.

⬇️ Here are the details ⬇️

  1. Purchase tickets from the bartender for $1 per ticket.
  2. Tickets must be filled out and returned to the bartender at the time of purchase with the following information. Your lucky chosen card number(s) (1-54), name, and phone number on each ticket; all handwriting must be legible to be eligible for the winnings.
  3. If your name is drawn, your chosen card will be revealed. If it is the Queen of Hearts, you are the winner of this game!
  4. If present at the time of the drawing, the winner will receive 100% of the pot.
  5. If not present at the time of the drawing, the winner will receive 50% of the pot, and the remaining balance will start the next drawing.
  6. Crooked Handle will start off the first pot at $250 to sweeten the deal
  7. The cash pot will be capped at $50,000.
  8. In the event of reaching our $50,000 cap, we will continue accepting tickets and holding weekly drawings until the Queen of Heart is found and a winner is rewarded.
  9. The remaining balance beyond the $50,000 cap will be the starting balance for next week’s pot.
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