No one likes to be told what to do…so why would we tell you what to eat? The truth is there are no rules when it comes to food at Crooked Handle. Feel free to order from a variety of fantastic Springboro restaurants. Check out the menus below and order ahead for carry-out or delivery.

With the new DLM Naples Style Pizza App dinner at Crooked Handle is as easy as 1-2-3.  Sit back and grab a beer while DLM delivers your hot, fresh, and delicious Naples Style Pizza right to your table.

Dorothy Lane Market (DLM) is only 50 yards away. There are an infinite amount of options and a full menu at Jack’s Grill (steak, burgers, chicken, fish) and the DLM Deli (soups, specialty sandwiches and salads, wood fired pizza and panini). They even have some of the best sushi in town.

Want some suggestions or guidance? Click on DLM “Dash & Dine” for meal ideas that can be put together with a quick visit to DLM. Your menu is a gourmet grocery store, so imagine the possibilities!

Are you looking for a home cooked meal? Remember, there are no rules so feel free to prepare your favorite meal or snack and bring it in to share with family and friends. We will do our best to pair your recipe with one of our flagship or specialty beers.


We’re excited to annouce that CHBC will now be hosting FOOD TRUCKS – check out the upcoming dates below!

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DLM Salami, Pepperoni & Cheese with Club Crackers

DLM Cheese Plate with Club Crackers

Jump’s Gourmet Peanuts

Sea Salt Dirty Chips



Delivery Options

Click on your favorite restaurant to view the full menu.

DLM Naples Style Pizza – Download the DLM App

DLM Deli – (937) 748-6800

Jimmy John’s – (937) 748-4600

Royal Wok – (937) 743-9988

Milano’s  – (937) 434-7827

Jet’s – (937) 748-5555

Cassano’s  – (888) 294-5464

Donatos  – (937) 748-8686

Papa Johns – (937) 743-6066

Pizza Hut – (937) 746-2629

Marcos – (937) 748-2500

Carry out only options

Click on your favorite restaurant to view the full menu.

Dickey’s BBQ Pit – (937) 550-4826 

Doubleday’s – (937) 514-7755

China Cottage  – (937) 748-8866

Main Street Deli  – (937) 748-3800




~Chicken Wing Sandwich

  • 1 lb Ground chicken (Meat counter)
    ***Ask the grill master at Jack’s Grill to chop chicken on flat top and sauté with salt, pepper, and garlic***
  • 1 pack of top side cut hot dog buns (Aisle 8)
  • 1 pack sliced American or cheddar cheese (Cheese wall)
  • 1 bottle wing sauce (Aisle 3) or BBQ sauce (Aisle 2)
  • 1 bottle ranch dressing (Aisle 2)
  • 1 jar of mild pepper rings (optional)

-Pull some of the bread out of inside of bun to make room for stuffing. Start with cheese, pile on chicken and drizzle on wing/BBQ sauce and ranch dressing.

~German Ham Sandwiches

  • 1 – 4 pack of DLM pretzel buns (Bakery)
  • 1 lb chipped Ham (DLM Deli)
  • 1 container of DLM beer cheese (Across from Deli)
  • 1 bag of chips (Aisle 1)

-Grab plastic spoon and knife from salad bar.  Spread beer cheese on pretzel bun, add a generous portion of ham, and cut in half. Hearty German fare!

~Mexican Tacos

  • 1 can – sweet corn w/ diced pepper (Aisle 2)
  • 2 patties – Ortega Burgers (Meat counter)
    ***Ask the grill master at Jack’s Grill chop up the burgers for taco and heat corn on the flat top***
    1 pack shredded cheddar (Cheese wall)
  • 1 8oz sour cream (Near cheese wall) 
  • 1 pack of hard or soft tortillas (Aisle 3)
  • 1 bottle hot Sauce or chile (Aisle 3)
  • 1 DLM mini Mexican dip (Deli)
  • 1 container lettuce, olives, tomato, jalapeños (Salad bar)
  • 1 bag of tortilla chips (Aisle 1)

-Pick-up your container from Jack’s Grill, check out, and head to the brewery to build your tacos. Ole’!


  • 1 medium bowl of DLM chili (Salad bar)
  • Lettuce, tomato, jalapeño (Salad bar)
  • 1 pack shredded cheddar (Cheese wall)
  • 1 bag tortilla chips (Aisle 1)
  • 1 sour cream (Cheese wall)

-Grab a box at the salad bar to use as a serving bowl.
Fill up with your chips, top with chili, veggies and cheese.  Fiesta!

~Italian Meatball Sandwich

  • 3 DLM meatballs (DLM deli)
    ***ask deli to cut meatballs into quarter inch slices and add a little extra tomato sauce to container***
  • 1 fresh mozzarella ball (DLM deli)
  • 1 pack of hoagie buns (Aisle 8)
  • 1 jar of sweet pepper rings (optional)

-Ask our bartender to heat up meatballs in microwave for 90 seconds. Build sandwich and top with sliced fresh Mozzarella.  Prego!

~Polish Sausage Dinner

  • 1 pack Pedersons sausage (Across from deli)
  • 1 onion and 2 green pepper (Produce)
    ***Ask grill master at Jack’s Grill to cut each sausage into thirds and in half length wise and sauté on flat top with onion and green peppers cut into strips ***
  • 1 pack of hoagie buns (Aisle 8)
  • 1 pack sliced Monterey Jack (Cheese wall)
  • 1 bag of pretzels (Aisle 1)
  • 1 container of DLM beer cheese (Across from deli)

-Grab mustard packets from Jack’s grill and build your hoagie with a side of pretzels dipped in beer cheese.

~American Burger Wraps

  • 2 Palmer burgers (Meat counter)
    *** Ask the grill master at Jack’s Grill to chop up meat on flat top and sauté with salt, pepper, and garlic***
  • 1 pack of tortilla or flatbread (aisle 3)
  • 1 pack sliced American or Cheddar cheese (Cheese wall)
  • 1 bag of chips (aisle 1)
  • 1 container lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles (DLM Salad Bar)

-Don’t forget your ketchup, mayo, mustard packets provided at Jack’s Grill.  Grab free silverware from the salad bar when you fill up your container of fixings.  Summertime taste all year long!

~Greek Gyros

  • 2 Lamb or Palmer Burger (Meat Counter) *** Ask the grill master at Jack’s Grill to chop up meat on flat top and sauté with salt, pepper, and garlic***
  • 1 1/2 lb of Mediterranean salad (DLM Deli)
  • 1-2 packs of pita or flatbread/tortilla (Aisle 8)
  • Feta cheese (Cheese wall)
  • 1 – 7oz cup of plain Greek yogurt (Cheese wall)
  • 1 bag of chips(Aisle 1) or box crackers(Aisle 5)
  • 1 container of hummus (Across from DLM Deli)
  • 1 lemon (Produce)-Cut lemon in half, squeeze juice in the yogurt, and mix.  Ask bartender to heat up your pita in microwave for 20 sec.  Spread yogurt on warm pita, top with meat, salad, cheese.  Enjoy with a side of chips/crackers and hummus. Opa!
~Rotisserie Chicken Dinner

  • 1 DLM rotisserie chicken (Across from meat counter)
  • 2 orders of grilled asparagus and zucchini (Jack’s Grill)

-Ask the grill master at Jack’s Grill to cut your chicken in half to share with a friend.  Don’t forget your free silverware and napkins just in case you end up eating with your fingers.

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