Joe C Solo

Date(s) - 12/29
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Singer, songwriter, producer, and Musician Joe Cowels has been honing his craft with more than two decades of live performance under his belt. Joe C has learned that the right song, the right note, at the right time for the right person can change the world for them. Born in New York, Joe grew up as a multi-instrumentalist and was cutting his teeth on Jazz. He later played in Country, Rock, Metal, and Pop bands, and even worked on commercial jingles for a time, giving him an extensive vocabulary to play with. His true calling, however, rests in the guitar and in the timeless blues and blues-rock classics of his heroes. Over the years he has played all over the country to thousands of people and played with big names, local legends, and more. Now residing in Cincinnati Ohio, Joe enjoys playing in both his Solo show as well as in his own Band for as many people as possible. He still does Session and studio work occasionally and enjoys sharing music with the world.



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